My name is Sabrina and I’m a shoeaholic… so much so that I created my own shoe brand!

As a self-confessed shoe addict, I want to put my best foot forward in beautiful shoes created without cruelty. I was inspired to create Over The Moon after moving from France to Canada. During this time, I began to learn more about the toxic chemicals used to treat leather and how fast fashion affects the lives of human beings.

Over The Moon footwear is designed in Canada and handmade in Brazil. I believe that respect for people and animals never goes out of style. All shoes by Over The Moon are made with high quality animal-free materials and ethically made under fair working conditions. I frequently visit the factory and have gotten to know the wonderful people who are lovingly crafting my shoes.

Everyone has the power within to change the world which is why Over The Moon dedicates time to community initiatives that empower women to make a huge impact. If every person takes one small step, collectively we can take a giant leap Over The Moon together and make a difference.